Epichef AF60 Air Fryer

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Epichef AF60 Air Fryer
6QT Large Capacity with Viewing Window

Convenient Viewing Window: Epichef AF60 comes with a unique viewing window, allowing you to check the cooking progress in a direct and super convenient way anytime you like.

Large Capacity of 6QT for a Whole Chicken: With the 6QT large capacity, Epichef AF60 can cook a whole chicken or fry 1.5kg of French Fries with no effort.

Ceramic-coated Basket: Safer and more durable than others. The AF60 air fryer is PFOA-free, BPA-free and also FDA certified.

360° Rapid-Heat Circulation: AF60 fries the food in a rapid and all-around way--cooking a delicious meal will no longer be a problem even for a green hand!

60+ Recipes Included: We prepared 60+ brand-new recipes for you, offering you plenty of brilliant cooking ideas and saving you the time of thinking about what and how to cook.



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