Epichef AF600 Air Fryer

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Epichef AF600 Air Fryer

6QT Large Capacity With Wifi Smart Control

WIFI Smart Control:Kyvol app can remotely customize the time and temperature during your cooking with smart functions like original recipes, cooking time delay, real-time cooking history.

100+ Official Pre-Programmed Recipes:100+ classic recipes on the Kyvol app assist you to explore your favorite recipes.

12 Preset Cooking Programs on Panel:The touch screen digital control panel is easy to use with the 12 most popular preset functions on the LED display. You can also adjust the settings while cooking.

6-Quart Large Capacity:6-quart space fits large food items without having to break into pieces as round designs require.

See-Through Viewing Window:The visible LED viewing window is convenient for you to observe the cooking process.


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